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Private Forestry Service Queensland (PFSQ) is an incorporated, ‘Not for Profit’ Association located in Gympie, Queensland’s largest and most diverse forestry region. We are recognised as an industry leader in private native forest management and hardwood plantation development.

The PFSQ Team has been working for the past 20 years to improve the quality and viability of the private forest resource in Australia, and we continue to deliver sustainable forest management by:

  • Undertaking activities that will contribute to the development, stability and prosperity of an ecologically sustainable regional forestry industry in Queensland with particular reference to private forestry;
  • Establishing, developing and maintaining information channels, services and products which will meet the needs of the regional forestry industry;
  • Influence legislative, planning and regulatory policy for the betterment of the regional forestry industry;
  • Facilitating and participating in industry development and cohesion and the links with other industry sectors; and
  • Through promotion, to encourage community, industry and government support for the regional economic, social and environmental benefits offered by forestry on private lands.

PFSQ’s forest management system is certified to the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management (AS 4708-2013), an internationally endorsed standard that is managed under the Responsible Wood Certification Scheme.  The Responsible Wood Certification Scheme is endorsed by the international Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

PFSQ combines life-long experience in the forest management industry with a team of motivated individuals from forestry, environmental science, agribusiness, horticulture, law, tertiary education and forest research backgrounds.

The PFSQ Team brings together a range of expertise in all aspects of:

  • native and plantation forest establishment and management
  • forest vegetation management with integrated grazing specialties
  • representation at regional, state and federal levels for forest policy
  • forestry legislation interpretation, including Tax Commissioner Discretion applications
  • workshops, seminars, conferences and landholder extension
  • planning and assessment
  • stand inventory and valuation
  • infrastructure establishment and maintenance
  • fire management training and delivery
  • harvesting and marketing
  • forest research with universities, government, NRM & Landcare groups
  • advanced GIS and mapping
  • growth modelling
  • cost benefit analysis

PFSQ works to continuously improve our position in the forestry industry by developing competitive and innovative business practices.  Delivering sustainable land management, maintaining a regionally diverse industry to support small processing businesses and mentoring enthusiastic and motivated people in a safe work environment.

The end result is a holistic approach to natural resource management that integrates productive land-use systems with silvicultural and grazing best practice, which in turn creates stability and prosperity of an ecologically sustainable regional forestry industry.

Queensland currently imports more than 100k m³ of sawn hardwood and 10k lineal metres of pole material per annum.

Our vision is for Queensland to be a net exporter of accredited sawn hardwood and value added forest products.

Private Forestry Service Queensland (PFSQ) was originally one of 18 Regional Australian Forestry Committees established with support from the Federal and State Governments. Now PFSQ is a fully fledged ‘Not for Profit’ organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient status and we cover a broad range of private forestry (native forest and plantation) activities including but not limited to the following:



  • Forest management planning in context with state regulations
  • Certification to the Australian Forestry Standard (AS 4708-2013)
  • Forest assessment and mapping
  • Forest resource valuations and financial planning
  • Assessment and lodgement of Property Maps of Assessable Vegetation (PMAVs)
  • Land rehabilitation
  • Grazing & timber management
  • Monitoring and review of forest management practices and their impact

Forest Management Services

  • AFS certified forest management
  • Harvest management (Eg. cutting, snigging and marketing)
  • Thinning management (Eg. tordoning, chopperroller)Plantation establishment
  • Revegetation and regeneration services
  • Plantation site preparation
  • Contract milling
  • Assistance with Protected Plant Trigger Maps and flora surveys
  • Koala habitat quality assessments
  • AFS certified timber sales

Promotion of Private Forestry

  • Farm diversification and landscape restoration
  • Income and investment options
  • Improved financial resilience in times of drought
  • To increase terrestrial carbon stocks and transition to a reduced carbon economy
  • Rehabilitation of degraded forest and the application of environmental management systems
  • Natural resource, catchment and regional economic benefit

Provision of Information

  • Technical advice (based on currently accepted best management practices)
  • Workshops, field days and other events
  • Contributions to the Woodworks Museum and Interpretive Centre
  • Contributing to film and TV segments (eg. Going Bush)
  • Development of landholder decision support tools
  • Development of information products
  • Newsletters and publications
  • Web-based services ( and our Facebook page)
  • Contributing to the development of school curriculums

Assistance with Policy Development

  • Input to Federal, State and Local Government processes
  • Contributing data to ABARE
  • Ensuring policies and regulations support private forestry
  • Interpreting policy to member groups and forest owners
  • Assisting landholders to comply with regulations

Industry Development & Research

  • Developing partner projects with industry to address natural resource management issues
  • Developing partnerships with Indigenous groups
  • Engagement of relevant stakeholders
  • Promoting available industry support services
  • Investigation and expansion of market opportunities
  • Collaborations in research projects with universities, industry bodies & landholders
  • Monitoring long-term growth plots throughout QLD

Private Forestry Service Queensland

8 Fraser Rd, Gympie QLD 4570

Phone: (07) 5483 6535


Open weekdays: 9am - 5pm

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