Harvesting & Fire Management

On this page you will find resources to assist in managing the harvest phase of a private native forestry operation and fire management. Whether you are planning to contract the harvest and sale from beginning to end or somewhere in between there is information for you.

Planned and well managed forest harvesting requires an understanding of the stand to be harvested, its condition, likely product range and who will purchase them, access and landscape constraints and who will ultimately manage and undertake the harvest. The PFSQ Native Forest Stand Harvest Guide is an excellent resource for planning and executing a private native forestry harvest.

Selective logging is not about selecting the best trees for logging but selecting the best trees to keep in your forest while removing trees in decline or those that have reached their optimal value.

A fire management guide for timber production in Eucalypt and Cypress pine forests.


We have several forest management videos on PFSQ’s Youtube Channel.

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